Childrens Activities



Scavenger Hunt:
Hidden around the camp will be boxes with the depiction of a norse god or goddess.  Inside each box will be an item for each child to collect.  Once a child has collected all the items the child will win a prize!



Children’s Workshops:
This year the children will make their very own rune set and paint a 7 inch ceramic mjolnir to hang on their wall.



Nature Hike: The children will hike through the beautiful woods surrounding Camp Netimus.


Irminfolk Children 

Arts & Crafts: Through out the entire weekend there will be arts and crafts supplies for your children to use at their leisure.

Irminfolk Children

Lake access: Friday and Saturday afternoon, weather permitting, there will be fun lake activities for your children to partake in.  Swimming and Canoeing can all be enjoyed by the whole family while the lifeguard is on duty.  Don’t forget to bring your swim suits!

folkish summer hallowing

Horseback Riding: The owner of the camp has been kind enough to take out some time and allow for the children to ride her horses around the field. 

Irminfolk Children

Children’s Archery Competition: Prove your accuracy with a bow. Winners get prizes.

Irminfolk Children

Story Time: Gather around the fire and hear tales about the Gods while roasting some marshmallows.



Hammer Toss Competition: Test your strength and see how far you can throw Thor’s mighty mjolnir. Winners will get a prize.

Irminfolk Children

Relay Races: Children will be put on teams and have fun competing while learning to work together to complete a task. There will be multiple challenges testing different skills. The winning team will get a prize.

Irminfolk childrenBouncy House: Children 12 and under will be able to exert some energy in our very own bouncy house.  Use of the bouncy house will be limited to certain times where an adult is present to supervise.

There will be plenty for your children to do each and every day, but most importantly they will be bonding with other children and making friendships that will grow along with them.

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