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Last year we had to limit FSH to a Friday to Sunday event due to budget and logistical concerns, and we all really missed the extra day. So this year we are back to a four day FSH… but there’s a catch. Instead of limiting the time, we have to cap the number of attendees. Make sure to book your ticket as soon as registrations open! 

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Children's activities
There is always so much to do for the youngsters. Here is some of what we have planned.
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**Aug 10th thru 13th, 2023**




In 2010, the newly formed Irminfolk Odinist Community decided there needed to be a gathering for Folkish Heathen families on the East Coast. A weekend to get together, share ideas, knowledge, and honor our Gods in a communal setting. Folkish Summer Hallowing was born and the first ever public Folkish Heathen event on the east coast was celebrated in the summer of 2011. The Irminfolk was pleasantly surprised by the draw from all over the world that FSH 2011 would bring to a quiet summer camp in the Pocono Mountains and our humble organization in its infancy.

Over the years Folkish Summer Hallowing became an annual retreat for new friendships to be born, and old friendships to be rekindled for adults and children alike. Each year, The Irminfolk came up with new ways to make the retreat more enjoyable, more awe-inspiring and more informative. Camp Netimus was the place to be in August for any heathen looking to break away from their mundane daily life, and participate in something greater than themselves.

This year, the Irminfolk will be saying goodbye to Camp Netimus, and will be hosting FSH 2022 in a newer, more upgraded venue, that will better facilitate our growing ideas, and our growing number of guests.

Music, Games, workshops for all ages, lectures, and water access (swimming pool and lake) are all highlights of this wonderful weekend and are included with your registration. All meals served for the days of your registration are included as well as sleeping arrangements in a cabin camp setting are also covered with your overnight ticket cost (or bring a tent if you prefer to sleep under the stars). Check out our registration page for more information regarding your stay. 

Folkish Summer Hallowing hosts an annual mead-brewers contest where any guest can enter a bottle of their home-brew mead in hopes of winning a prize and a shot at the coveted “Wheel Barrow Award”. 

Saturday at sundown all guests are invited to join us in our main hallowing Blot where our offerings to the gods are carried away on a burning viking ship. All guests are encouraged to bring a small sacrifice to place upon the ship. Afterwards, a  massive boisterous Sumbel is held indoors in honor of the Gods, the Heroes and the Ancestors!

Another highlight of Folkish Summer hallowing are the vendor tables. You will want to bring some extra cash (or futhmarks!) after perusing some of the beautiful hand-made items available for purchase. You can check out our vendors HERE.

Saturday during dinner, there will also be a raffle table full of beautiful donated heathen items and hand made treasures for guests to purchase tickets and press their luck. All proceeds from the raffle go directly into the Irminfolk Childrens Fund to help keep the cost of ticket prices for children attending Folkish Summer Hallowing minimal.

There is so much to experience and learn for guests of all ages.  Make sure to check back often and see our updated workshops and childrens activities that will be scheduled for 2022 as we get closer to the hallowing. 

Our goal for Folkish Summer Hallowing is, and always will be, to offer Folkish Heathens a place to gather together, meet like minded folk, create bonds of community and friendship, and leave the event with motivation to propel their lives and the lives of their family towards something greater than themselves. To find new life, in a dead world, that will drive them to ascend the upward path, and feel truly free and one with the Gods, their ancestors and their folk

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