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“FSH 2024, our flagship event, will take place from Wednesday, August 14th, through Saturdy, August 17th, 2024. Following the resounding success of last year’s gathering, we’re excited to announce our plans to expand the event’s scope and scale. Join us as we aim to build upon our achievements and create an even more enriching experience this year.”

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**Aug 14th thru 17th, 2024**

REGISTRATION for FSH 2024 is open.

In 2011 The Irminfolk decided that there needed to be an annual summer event, in the North East, for heathens to come together to honor the Gods and the Ancestors. The main goal of this event was for both adults AND children to enjoy a weekend with family, folk and friends, away from the “normalcies” of everyday life. This is how Folkish Summer Hallowing was born. 

From the onset of FSH, the goal of the perfect heathen weekend was a brainstorm of ideas.  Heathen intellectuals desired thought provoking lectures from scholars, heathen mothers wanted a place where their children could play free amongst like-minded children and learn about their Gods in a welcoming setting, heathen artisans wanted a place to proudly show off their crafts that they poured their heart and souls into. But the most important driving force behind Folkish Summer Hallowing was the need to create new bonds of friendships and strengthen those bonds that miles and distance created a barrier to. 

Over the past 13 years The Irminfolk have given Heathens not only in the North East, but from all over the world, a weekend of thought provoking discussions, family friendly activities, workshops to develop hidden talents, and most importantly the drive to go on knowing that they are not alone in this world. The bonds that are created in the few short days that are Folkish Summer Hallowing will last a lifetime. 

The Irminfolk pride themselves on their craftsmanship, their dedication, their drive and their love.  Not one FSH is like any other.  Each year The Irminfolk add new and exciting activities that the entire family can enjoy together.  Once again, this year, ALL CHILDREN 17 & Under attend free!! Registration includes ALL meals and ALL activities. 

Overnight space is limited, register NOW! Raise a horn with your fellow heathens and forget the troubles of the world.  

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