Refund and Returns Policy


For weeks prior to the event, Folkish Summer Hallowing incurs a great amount of up-front costs for the Irminfolk Odinist Community, a non-profit religious organization. In order to mitigate the impact that refunds have on our volunteers, plans, hosts, staff, and preparations, we are observing the following policies:

  • Refunds due to attendee cancellation will be issued by check only
  • Refunds due to attendee cancellation will be subject to cancellation fees
  • Refunds will take up to 6 weeks to process (as our volunteers prioritize event preparations)
  • Only partial refunds will be available after July 31st
  • If the Irminfolk choses to cancel your registration for whatever reason, you will receive a full refund. 



Extenuating Circumstances

Sometimes something really serious comes up. You might need the money back immediately, or you were all set to travel and there was a serious incident. We understand.  If your cancellation is due to extenuating circumstances, please email us so we can work with you. 




Need help?

Contact us at {email} for questions related to refunds.

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