**Aug 16th-19th, 2018**





Since 2011, The Irminfolk has held Folkish Summer Hallowing for Odinists and Asatruar from around the country to come together and spend time with like-minded Folk; to share ideas, to uphold our traditions, create new bonds and friendships; to celebrate the season and hail the Gods and our ancestors.
Once again, thanks to numerous donations and the generosity of the heathen community as a whole, ALL children, 17 and under, are FREE!
With plenty of activities for adults and children alike, it will be a weekend full of fun for the entire family. This year we have SO many fun activities for the kids which can be found on the Childrens Activities Page. Don’t forget to bring the bathing suits!
Our Main Hallowing ritual this year will be intense and awe inspiring.  Guests are encouraged to bring small offerings that they would like to sacrifice during this ritual. We will also be officiating a vow renewal ceremony, a rite to the landvaettir and a closing ritual.
Just like every year, we will also be holding our annual mead brewers contest, so don’t forget to bring that delicious bottle of mead to enter it into the contest. There will also be a mead making course where all of our guests will get to make a 1/2 gallon jug of their very own mead to take home with them. We are also honored to have the Neo-Folk band Changes performing at FSH for the 8th year in row.
We will be updating the event page and schedule as we get closer to the hallowing so check back often for any new additions. Learn how to do Traditional Ukrainian Beading, create your own Viking Knit Chain, calm yourself with some Runic Yoga. Our classes run the gamut. 
All information regarding pricing for individuals, children and day trippers can be found on our Registration page. Sleeping quarters in a cabin camp setting, catered food for the whole weekend, craft workshops for adults AND children, entertainment, lake sports and other games plus much much more will all be covered with your admission price. Most important of all, the bonds you make and friendships created with other Folkish Heathens last longer than just one weekend which comes once a year. The bonds you forge will be forever.
Don’t forget to bring some extra spending cash (or futhmarks!) to purchase items from our vendors and to try your luck at our raffle (all proceeds from the raffle will go to the Irminfolk Childrens Fund).
Make new friends, create new ties of kinship and further your bond with great people. Escape the shackles of your day to day jobs and be free with the Folk. Raise a horn to the Gods with some of the finest folk around.



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